The team of the Berlin ecumenical airport chaplaincy is happy to serve travellers at both Berlin Airports. With over 30 million passengers, Berlin is the third-largest airport location in Germany. Many people come to Berlin to visit the city. But also, many people from Berlin fly from here to their holidays or to other destinations. The airport chaplains will be happy to talk to travellers. You can contact us and make an appointment; or you can look for our purple vests at the airport.
Our pastoral care is open to all regardless of religion or belief. Discretion about our talks is of utmost importance for us.
You are welcome to receive a blessing for travellers before or after your trip. Please feel free to contact us.
At both airports there is also an “airport social service” which is happy to provide advice and assistance. For example for people who are in an emergency situation, who have been robbed, or cannot come get home by their own means.